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Founded in 2009, SolCo has continued to grow into a leading provider of IT & Cloud services to UK businesses. We pride ourselves on being a trusted partner to over 350 UK businesses across a wide range of sectors. From proactive Cloud and IT Support to Managed Connectivity and much more, our dedicated team is always here to help businesses across Reading, Berkshire and the wider-Thames Valley with any technology need. 


In today’s rapidly evolving digital world, small-to-medium businesses rely heavily on technology for all aspects of their operations. However, despite the advancements in technology that have revolutionised our way of life, new risks and challenges continue to emerge at an alarming rate. From cyber-attacks to advancements in artificial intelligence the digital world is rapidly developing, increasing the importance of partnering with the most proficient IT support company to navigate these challenges effectively – Here’s where SolCo takes the lead. 

Not all IT Providers are the same 

Over the past 14 years we have increasingly seen the importance of selecting the right IT support provider for small-to-medium businesses. Factors such as expertise, service offerings, company size, and reputation, vary among IT support providers and can all impact the quality of support they can deliver. Considering these factors is crucial for selecting a provider that meets your specific needs. The success of your company depends on all aspects of your IT infrastructure, ranging from hardware and software to network security and data backup. These critical components can make or break your business’s success. 


So, what sets SolCo apart from the rest? What makes us better? Here’s why we believe SolCo is the IT partner your business not only needs, but deserves. 

“One Team. One Bill. One Portal.” 


Our motto says exactly what we are on the tin, encapsulating our all-inclusive approach. As a ‘one stop shop’, we handle all technology requirements, eliminating the need for multiple providers. With a wealth of experience delivering IT and telecoms technology to small and medium sized businesses, we deliver customised solutions that align with each organisation’s distinct needs. Our focus is on optimising performance, preserving our clients’ reputation, and minimising the risk of cyber-attacks. 


One Team 

Our single support team are always on hand to help with all the products and services we provide, removing the need for our clients to have multiple suppliers for their business technology. 


One Bill 

All of our products and services are presented on a single monthly invoice, removing the need to have multiple invoices and suppliers. 


One Portal 

Our industry leading web portal gives our customers a single view of all products, services and costs. The portal is updated in real time allowing customer to keep on top of costs during the month. 


Our Services 


IT Support 

Whether you’re looking for extensive support and management, or simply guidance on cyber security, we have you covered. With our cost-effective support packages, you can benefit from remote IT Support as well as on-site break/fix solutions. We also offer essential backup and cyber security products you need.  

Struggling to manage your data securely? Rest assured. At SolCo, we have an obligation to handle any personal data with care under GDPR, providing the best care and peace of mind for your business.  

In today’s crowded tech marketplace, selecting the right setup for your business can be overwhelming. To help you achieve clarity, here are the 4 key tenets of SolCo’s IT support offering: 


Fixed-price, Comprehensive Support 

With SolCo you’ll enjoy predictable IT support costs, with packages that cover all the essential IT support functions for a fixed monthly fee, including unlimited remote support, remote monitoring and management, managed endpoint anti-virus and much more! We pride ourselves on cost-transparency and value for money! 


Managed Security Services 

Cybersecurity has never been a more pressing concern for businesses of all sizes, which is why we offer a range of managed security services that combine to provide robust, multi-layered protection against a range of online threats. From proactive patch management and email gateway defences to endpoint threat detection and our fully-managed cloud backup service, we’ll install, maintain and manage the safeguards you need to defend your data and remain GDPR-compliant. 


IT Strategy and Consultancy 

When leveraged correctly, IT can propel a business to new heights of productivity and help unlock that all important competitive advantage. With SolCo, you’ll gain a strategic partner that understands your business and what you want to achieve from your IT. Our friendly, close-knit team will work with you to develop a future tech strategy that carefully considers your future growth plans and budgetary constraints, and quarterly IT strategy reviews will ensure your tech is always aligned with your business objectives. 


Proactive Management and Reporting 

At SolCo, proactivity is weaved into every service we provide and every project we undertake.  This ethos centres around our proactive monitoring and management capabilities which, using locally installed software, allows us to apply patches, address performance deficiencies, configure security settings and monitor emergent security risks across all network-connected devices and infrastructure. We also provide hardware lifecycle management to prevent outdated hardware impacting network performance, and our monthly reporting ensures you’ll always understand the steps we’ve taken to manage and safeguard your systems.  We take action to prevent minor issues escalating into a crisis, protecting your IT infrastructure and the interests of your business! 


Other Services 

As well as IT support, we offer solutions for long term strategic projects and services.  


IT Projects 

In today’s digital age, embracing new technology and adopting agile, flexible and resilient solutions can mean the difference between business success and failure. Thanks to the cloud however, revolutionary business technology has never been more attainable for businesses of all sizes, and we’re keen to help the SMEs we serve tap into the business benefits of this exciting domain of IT. Here’s a brief insight into our IT project offering: 


Microsoft 365 

Used by over 1 million companies worldwide, Microsoft 365 is the globe’s foremost package of workplace productivity and collaboration tools. Offering secure remote access to files and resources, game changing multi-channel collaboration tools, and seamless cross-platform integration for an effortless user experience, Microsoft 365 is a must-have tool for any hybrid workforce. 

Interested? Let SolCo manage your migration to Microsoft 365 from beginning to end.  From obtaining the required licenses and configuring the tenancy to managing data migration and applying the right security settings, we’ll ensure your transition goes without a hitch. Once you’re set up our user adoption programme will help your team get the most from this empowering software suite, with insights and training to ensure your team operate securely and effectively from day one. 


Microsoft Azure 

In the past, running an application, developing custom software, hosting a website or simply storing files meant purchasing or leasing a server and hosting it (and the associated networking infrastructure) in your office.  Today, all of the above is available on a hardware-free, subscription basis through cloud service providers like Microsoft Azure.  

Whether you want to migrate an existing database, deploy virtual machines for remote staff, build a virtual network or launch custom software, SolCo can support and guide your migration to Microsoft Azure, ensuring a seamless transition and optimum resource allocation. With SolCo by your side you can rest assured that your cloud projects will be reliable, secure and cost-efficient.  


Network Infrastructure Upgrades 

Looking to expand your network or improve your user experience with some long overdue upgrades? Leveraging our partnerships with leading manufacturers, SolCo can supply and install the hardware you need for your next project, regardless of scale or complexity. From servers and workstations to routers, switches and cabling, we provide the best infrastructure so your team can produce their best work.  


VoIP Business Phone Systems 


With the 2025 PSTN switch off fast approaching, there has never been a better time to adopt a VoIP system, and SolCo have you covered. We are experts in VoIP services, with a range of cost-effective options covering all customer requirements.  Compared to traditional systems, VoIP provides exceptional flexibility, allowing real-time user additions/removals, divert and hunt group changes, and activation of disaster recovery plans. Managing your VoIP system is effortless through our user-friendly web portal, offering full visibility and management capabilities.  



SolCo also offers a wide range of broadband and leased line services. SolCo  provides FTTP (Fibre-to-the-Premises) services with speeds of up to 1GB, offering the highest speeds available and a reliable, distance-independent connection. SolCo also provide leased lines with 24/7 monitoring, 99.99% uptime, and competitive pricing. We also support the quick roll out superfast 5G broadband, partnering with major 5G suppliers and offering suitable hardware solutions. 


Business Mobiles 


SolCo  are experts in providing business mobile solutions. Our diverse range of tariffs, enable us to select the most suitable and cost-effective bundle for all your users. We understand the frustration of bill shock, where unexpected high data usage leads to significant out-of-bundle costs. To address this, our real-time, proactive monitoring service helps you stay on top of your usage and costs. Additionally, our mobile service proposition emphasises self-care, empowering you to take control and optimise your mobile services. 



In conclusion, SolCo is the premier IT Support company for small and medium businesses across Reading. With our comprehensive services, tailored solutions, and expertise in hardware, software, VoIP systems, connectivity, mobile communications. Partner with SolCo for a seamless, hassle-free and efficient IT experience. 


“SolCo are a fantastic IT Support company! Always there to assist with a super quick response and talking in a language I can relate to…really happy with them as my IT support and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to others!” Julia Nelson, CM Base


SolCo IT Support Reading

Based in Reading, Solution Consultants provides IT Support, Telecoms, and Cloud solutions for SMEs across the Thames Valley. We get to know your business, challenges, and goals and deploy scalable and agile technology solutions that make a real difference.

We specialise in simplifying IT, making valuable technology more accessible than ever before. We believe technology has the power to transform your business and open access to new markets. Check out our site here.


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