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Cloud Telephony.

Flexible, scalable, future-proof telephony for agile, change-ready businesses.
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Let's tackle your Telephony woes.

Massive changes are on the way for business telephony with the imminent shutdown of the Integrated Services Digital Network. Plan ahead, and embrace new ways of working with the flexibility of cloud-hosted VoIP.
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Nobody can reach me when I'm out of the office.

Out of the office when that all important call comes through and your receptionist has no option but to arrange a call back?

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Does your current phone system meet your current user needs?

The costly fixed infrastructure inherent in a traditional business phone system makes scaling up to meet demand a time-consuming and often expensive hassle.

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Is your remote workforce being left out of the loop?

With no way to integrate remote workers into your traditional business phone system, do you find you rely on email to keep in touch.

Why should I consider a VoIP business phone system?


Hybrid Working

Your team can be present, visible and
contactable on your company phone system, wherever they are.


Hosted VoIP allows for the addition of new lines without the need for additional cabling or server infrastructure.


Cost Efficiency

Subscription-based pricing allows you to add and subtract lines and services as required, meaning you only pay for the level of service you need.

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Innovative, customer-friendly features

Our hosted VoIP systems include virtual assistants, video conferencing capabilities, auto attendants and much more.

In need of a well maintained & flexible calling infrastructure?

Providing business solutions, not just technology.

With the age of the traditional phone system coming to an end, there’s never been a better time to adopt a VoIP system. With experience managing and maintaining IP, as well as traditional phone systems, Solution Consultants is the perfect partner to help your business make the transition to an IP-based system that’s future-ready.

Wide choice of features matching your unique needs.

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Manage your platform easily through our web portals.

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Best of breed suppliers in the industry including: BT, 8x8, LG Ericcson, Microsoft.

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We are expects in helping companies transition to VoIP.

Our feature-rich VoIP technology.

Mimimum capital outlay

SolCo’s services are inclusive of everything you need to get started and are designed to suit businesses that demand low up-front capital expenditure, with services covered in a flexible, accessible monthly service fee. We ensure that you have the right equipment, including a router, PoE switch, HD high-quality handsets, and all the necessary cabling to make your transition to VoIP a seamless one.

maximum flexibility

VoIP is an extremely flexible technology in comparison to traditional ‘on-premise’ phone systems. Add and remove users, change diverts and hunt groups, and activate DR plans can all be done in real-time, 24/7.

optimum control

Taking full control of your VoIP system is easy. Full visibility and management of users is simple through our real-time web portal.
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work from anywhere

Talk to us today to find out the wide range of devices that will allow your staff to work from anywhere easily and seamlessly.

Get in touch today

If you suffer with poor internet speeds or are paying a hefty price each month for a leased line, SolCo are here to help.