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Full fibre connectivity for businesses in and around Reading.


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Comparing full fibre with other internet services


FTTC (Fibre-to-the-Cabinet)

FTTC is just that. Fibre that only reaches the cabinet, but relies upon traditional aged copper cabling between the cabinet and your property. If your business relies upon FTTC, you’re being held back – access to the wide-world is throttled by old technology.

Opportunites to modernise through cloud-based systems and services such as VoIP for telephony are ever more constrained on FTTC connections. Many businesses are forced to have multiple FTTC services to balance their bandwidth demands across multiple lines.

With ‘full fibre’ (Fibre-to-the-Premises), FTTP, those constraints are lifted.


Leased Lines

While a Leased Line is arguably the most premier of internet services, providing a full fibre connection between your premises and the exchange, it is often too costly of a service to many SMEs.

Unlike an FTTP service, a Leased Line will come with speed guarantees and a SLA fix (often of 4 hours), but is often beyond the needs of many businesses; meaning that FTTP is a far more accessible and suitable service.

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