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Solutions Consultants have rebranded; a modest name shortening to SolCo, combined with a new image. Same strong customer-focused service, improved offering for a digitised age.



On March 23, 2020, something occurred that would leave an indelible impression on working life in the UK. In response to the growing threat of Covid-19, the UK was plunged into its first covid lockdown. The haunting spectacle of a nation instructed to remain at home lingers with us all to this day, as does its effects on the way we work. From that moment on, the things we viewed as being certain were pulled from under our feet. The office was no longer the engine room of our livelihoods, replaced with laptops at kitchen tables or the home office for those lucky enough to have one. There was a palpable sense of unease at first, accompanied too by a certain novelty value – none of us had experienced a scenario quite like it before. 


Then, as time went on, our business started noticing a profound culture shift. 


SolCo believe that the eerie uncertainty that accompanied lockdown fundamentally changed the way SMEs view their IT and telecoms infrastructure. Firstly, we witnessed a somewhat predictable clamour to establish remote working arrangements. This happened early on, with clients old and new seeking the tech that would make WFH work for them.  


Rising demand for value-adding technology… 

Then as the months went on, we noticed something peculiar: a renewed interest in technology. Business technology was no longer a mundane necessity begrudgingly paid for, but a transformative force that could be harnessed to drive success. Perhaps the precariousness of lockdown to the business community threw into sharp focus the fragility of some of the infrastructure that was relied upon pre-pandemic. Inflexible, difficult-to-scale legacy systems; rigid, unwieldy 20th century phone systems and outdated hardware no longer met the required standard in this uncertain new world. Businesses sought to become leaner, more productive, more agile and ultimately more resilient in the face of a daunting set of circumstances which exposed the vulnerabilities inherent in the “old ways of working.”  


Rising demand for business resilience technology… 

The culture shift didn’t end with the final lockdowns, it has persisted to this day! The business community remains acutely aware of the need to remain competitive in a world that remains uncertain, with a tireless appetite for value-adding and resilience-boosting technology still very much in evidence. Cyber security products are another domain in which we observed a huge surge in demand. Predictably, interest in endpoint protection skyrocketed with the transition to remote working, but interest in security products hasn’t waned, and we’ve seen sustained interest in our security offering to this day. Cloud-backup software has been another area of strong growth, a heartening reminder that the vast majority of SMEs care passionately about business resilience and the security of the data they hold. 


Why are SolCo repackaging our service offering? 

The past 24-30 months has seen our business change irrevocably. Solution Consultants customer base has grown by over 50%, with the majority of our customers using products in 3 of our 4 main offering categories – Broadband, VoIP, Mobile and IT.  


We are extremely grateful for and humbled by the growth we’ve experienced since 2020, and we remain committed to offering what we believe to be the most transformative and cost-effective products in the customer-focused and diligent manner we’re proud to be known for.  


As technology is more intrinsic to every business than ever before, and with that level of importance, needs greater integration to work more harmoniously than it ever used to; we want to make it clear to all businesses, SolCo are the single trusted partner that you need for all things technology – whether that’s supporting your IT systems, or providing voice and data communications. 


The purpose of our rebranding (or repackaging, as it might more accurately be termed) is to clearly reposition the offer our expertise, skills, services and products in a way that is more relevant to the modern business consumer.  


By bringing our IT offering to the fore, and presenting our services with a spotlight on the tangible business benefits they offer, we seek to present our services in a more compelling light, with renewed focus on the things that really matter to businesses. 


While the focus of our website may have shifted in the direction of IT, business communications is and will remain one of our core competencies, and we look forward to helping more businesses prepare for the big PSTN switch off that is already underway. 


Transformative technology for our new digital age 

We are in the midst of a new digital age, one that promises to bring change as deep and seismic as that seen in the digital revolution of the late 20th century. This new age belongs to the changemaker, the go-getter, the early adopter, the innovator, the trailblazer and the pioneer. This new age is replete with possibility, opportunity and reward for those organisations willing to embrace change through technology. We want to be on hand to help as many organisations as possible navigate those changes, helping them unlock their yet untapped potential. 


All that is left to do now is sincerely thank our customers, old and new, for their support and loyalty through what continues to be an exciting time for SolCo. 


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Based in Reading, Solution Consultants provides IT Support, Telecoms, and Cloud solutions for SMEs across the Thames Valley. We get to know your business, challenges, and goals and deploy scalable and agile technology solutions that make a real difference.

We specialise in simplifying IT, making valuable technology more accessible than ever before. We believe technology has the power to transform your business and open access to new markets. Check out our site here.

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