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Top 6 Things to Consider for Your IT Roadmap in 2023

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With 2023 around the corner, what kinds of technological improvements could you have on your IT Roadmap next year that will help to keep your business competitive in an ever evolving technology lead market? Some of the areas you may have heard of before and others you might not however, all of them would help to elevate your business above any who choose not to embrace these technologies.

In this article we are going to talk about 6 different things that you should consider implementing into your business in 2023, a lot of them in different areas, all of which will greatly benefit your business.

1: Embracing Business Process Automation

Business process automation is when you use automation tools to automate different processes in your business. An example of a business process could be something like collecting and sending a client analytics of either a website or social posts you had created for them. A way you could automate this is to have all of the information and analytical data collected and put into an email and then maybe at the end you can check over it and send it off or possibly it could just send automatically as well. Automating processes like this is really beneficial for your business as it frees up your employees from completing menial tasks such as these or possibly makes it so that you don’t need as many staff.

2: Putting a Business Continuity Plan in place

The next thing that you should consider implementing into your business is a business continuity plan. This is paramount if you are serious about building reputation and customer relationships in 2023. The reason for this is because a business continuity plan helps your business to continue its operations as best as it possibly can when faced with adversity, such as a power outage at the office. Having a business continuity plan in place will help with customer relations by making sure your customers are never left with no information or no services for an extended period. And with so much adversity facing businesses having a business continuity plan is paramount in this day and age.

3: Consider Getting Fibre to the Premises (FTTP)

If you have access to it of course you should definitely consider having fibre installed to your place of work to maximise your ability to download and upload and access anything that is internet based. I think this one almost goes without saying but the faster your internet the less time you spend waiting for anything to load and overtime it will save you hours and hours of waiting around.

4: Get as much value as you can from your 365 subscription

A lot of businesses nowadays will have some kind of Microsoft Office 365 subscription but many don’t make best use of their Microsoft subscription as they don’t always know what it includes or what some of the things it includes do. For example if you are looking to embrace business process automation, some Microsoft 365 subscriptions come with Power Automate which is Microsoft’s business automation tool.

5: Protect your reputation by defending data privacy

Your business probably has a lot of clients sensitive data that you require to give them the services they pay for. It is mandatory for you to keep this data safe as you will become a less reputable service provider if you don’t and you will probably lose business through word of mouth and review in the future. The way you can avoid this is by having adequate cyber security in place to protect your business from falling victim to a cyber breach.

6: Take full advantage of Cloud apps

Cloud services and apps are becoming more and more common place inside businesses. They are extremely affordable and eliminate the need for procuring and maintaining hardware yourself. You can have a backup of all of your files to the cloud as a safety precaution.  You can also make best use of online cloud hosted apps.

Need help with your IT Roadmap?

If you require any assistance with your IT Roadmap then please get in contact, here at SolCo our industry experts can help with any technological improvements that you want to make to your business in the future. We are well versed in putting all 6 of the listed above improvements in place and so much more so, please do contact us should you have any queries regarding any of them or anything else about your technology.

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