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Mobile Threat Defence for the Finance & Legal Sector

Mobile Threat Defence for the Finance Legal Sector

In 2023, cyber criminals are increasingly targeting businesses via their mobiles for attacks; commonly leading the data breaches, business email compromise and Ransomware attacks. One such organisation who recently suffered a costly data breach, due to a malicious link sent to employees via an SMS phishing attack, was Twilio.  The SRA reported in 2022 that 50% of the cybercrime reports they deal with are phishing.

Many firms’ operations depend heavily on mobile devices. For many users, mobile devices are the most practical option given the rise in hybrid working since 2020. However, there are serious security hazards associated with mobile devices. Mobile security is a big problem for corporations as they become “critical infrastructure.”

In defending your business from cyber threats, especially on mobile devices, you will run into three main challenges:

Challenge 1: Regulation

The first challenge that you will face is complying with the regulatory standards. You must implement robust security measures throughout your organisation to safeguard every device if you want your security policies to withstand increased scrutiny from regulatory and data protection organisations.

Challenge 2: Threat Landscape

The next challenge that you will probably come across is needing to protect every device from the evolving threats. Phishing and ransomware pose a particular threat to the financial sector, and mobile-borne threats are on the rise. Every corporate device, as well as any smart phone or tablet owned by individuals who have access to PII kept on company servers, needs to be secured.

Challenge 3: User Adoption

The last main challenge that you will have to overcome is full frictionless employee adoption. A BYOD (bring your own device) strategy cannot be used if some devices are concealed. How can you strike a compromise between the requirement for productivity and the risk of personal devices accessing sensitive data when you want your workers to be effective?

You need reliable, dynamic mobile protection that puts privacy first

To best address all three of these mobile cyber security challenges and to help you avoid issues with data loss and regulatory fines your business needs a robust, cost effective, and easy to implement Mobile Threat Defence (MTD) solution.


SolCo can help your business

Here at SolCo we set up customers facing this predicament with a Mobile Threat Defence (MTD) solution called Trustd. In contrast to other MTD products, Trustd combines AI-powered mobile security technologies, clear user instructions, and affordable pricing to safeguard organisations against mobile malware, phishing, and data theft on Android, iOS and iPadOS devices.

The FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) and the SRA (Solicitors Regulation Authority) recommend that your business comply with Cyber Essentials and Trustd can support this along with also supporting GCloud applications, PCI-DSS and GDPR guidelines, and uphold your confidentiality obligation. By limiting access to company data from untrusted devices, whether they are controlled by a Mobile Device Manager (MDM) or Mobile Application Manager (MAM) or are unmanaged, you may implement your Zero-Trust mobile strategy.

Why Trustd Mobile Threat Defence?

Trustd keeps you compliant

Trustd supports GDPR and FCA regulatory compliance by significantly reducing the risk of data breaches and the related legal, reputational, and financial costs.

Mobile threats are real

Between 2016 and 2020, mobile cyberattacks surged by 1,400% and can lead to costly data breaches as a direct result1. The average cost  of a data breach was recently estimated by IBM to be $3.6 million2.

Trustd respects employee privacy

Without tracking employees, your company is still protected from mobile dangers. As personal Web browsing, pictures, videos, phone calls, emails, and messages cannot be seen by the business, you can protect corporate personal devices seamlessly without employee privacy concerns.

Trustd detects threats others can’t

In comparison to other providers’ antiquated detection techniques, Trustd offers superior AI-powered defence against malware, phishing, ransomware, and data theft.

Trustd enables Zero Trust

Whether a mobile device is managed by MDM/MAM or not, Trustd can impose restrictions on access to its data from untrusted sources.

Trustd enables Cyber Essentials Compliance

With inbuilt Cyber Essentials compliance reports, you can ensure and evidence continuous compliance to easily meet the assessment criteria.

Reduces administrative burden

It is simple to set up all devices with full deployment and protection using one touch on iOS and zero touch on Android.

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