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Since businesses recognise the advantages of flexible work schedules, remote working has grown in popularity recently. With the development of technology, particularly Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), workers can now work from any location in the world while maintaining contact with their coworkers and clients. Nevertheless, the difficulty of continuing to be effective and efficient while working remotely comes along with this increased independence.

This blog will discuss the advantages and drawbacks of working remotely as well as how VoIP technology can maximise your productivity.

VoIP – The modern replacement for traditional Telephony

VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol. You can make direct calls with VoIP from a computer or VoIP phone from any location. Even if you keep the same contact number that your customers are used to, calls are automatically redirected to various devices. This amazing method enables you to pretend to be somewhere even though you are not. We’ll go into more depth about this later.

The ‘office setting’, from anywhere

With VoIP, you can project a particular image onto your clientele. Using VoIP, your employees can appear to be at their workstations while actually being on the golf course, in a coffee shop, or at the in-laws for supper. They are constantly susceptible to some deception. Professionalism is achievable in even the most relaxed circumstances. By using VoIP, you may improve your professional standards to levels they have never been while keeping your customers unaware of any changes in how business is conducted. The same reliable firm’s phone number will still be used, and when someone answers, the standard “Hello,…, how may I help?” will be stated. For your clients, all of this is essential; consistency is critical since it builds their familiarity with and trust in your company as a whole and adds to its success.


Since all conventional phone lines are ordinary phone lines, just one phone number has been issued to them. As you are aware, the Covid-19 pandemic’s ongoing impacts and its suffocating repercussions have surprisingly enhanced the appeal of remote work over the past year or so. If traditional connectivity is still used, your staff will need to memorise complex codes and keys to dial so that their device appears as the office number. This task takes a lot of time, and there is a lot of room for confusion and mistakes.


We may all agree that voicemail is an excellent piece of technology, ostensibly allowing us to “never” miss a message, but it is unable to keep up with how we work in the modern office. VoIP is a better option because it allows you to decide where and for how long calls ring. You have complete control over how calls are received; for instance, you may want the first ring to originate from your workplace, the second from your home, and the third from your mobile. This gives you the opportunity to make a very specific promise to your clients: that you won’t ever miss one of their calls.


No of the industry you work in, making promises to clients is perilous. If you make promises to customers, you must be very certain that you can keep them since doing otherwise could harm the reputation of your company as a whole or, even worse, cause you to lose revenue. By having the opportunity to direct your calls to specified locations, you can guarantee that a certain quality of service is delivered. Whatever the circumstance, there is never a reason for business to stop.

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is one of the most popular business tools today. It is well known for being a major player in the Microsoft toolset. Microsoft Teams was first released in 2017, although it did not initially acquire popularity at the rate it has recently. But, due to the epidemic, Teams has now satisfied a demand that was desperately in need of being satisfied. With an astounding 250 million daily active users, it currently commands a significant global following. Teams, which is fully integrated into the Microsoft 365 ecosystem, makes it easy for your team to exchange files and organise work (if we listed all of its capabilities, we would be here all day). By consolidating all of your tasks in one easy-to-use spot, you can do away with internal emailing and lead your business into the future of work.

Meetings made easier by Teams

In the previous article, this was briefly discussed. In order to make room for everyone, meetings have generally been held in a drab office with a crowded staff. This may be the cause of the infrequent meetings that many organisations have had recently. The modern period has made it possible to have effective meeting settings even in remote working, but that doesn’t even consider how difficult they might be for people who have a somewhat larger staff.

Teams Meetings allow you to choose a time that works for the attendees and instantly add it to their calendars, allowing you to plan a meeting in advance. It is a ground-breaking tool since it completely eliminates the hours it used to take to organise a time that worked with everyone’s busy work schedules. Microsoft Teams eliminates the concern of losing a critical team member or one who travels regularly for work by enabling your team to participate in meetings from any location in the world with an internet connection.

While using these tools can be scary at first, consultation may be the best option if you don’t think you can do it on your own.

Being aware of how the workplace’s technology landscape is constantly changing is essential if you want your own business to prosper in the current era. You may rest easy knowing that your team is well-equipped with the skills and knowledge essential to not only execute their jobs well, but also progress your company, if you use the tried-and-true tactics that are acceptable for your business.

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