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Microsoft 365 CoPilot is About to Transform Your Business

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You have probably noticed in your experience that the world of work is becoming increasingly complex and fast-paced, and that now, there are dizzying amounts of tasks and information to work with! Amidst this whirlpool of information and the overlapping responsibilities that information workers face, advanced AI-driven solutions are increasingly empowering business to convert complexity into simplicity, as well as save time while driving value.  

Microsoft is set to release CoPilot, an intelligent AI-assistant with game-changing features. You want an excel sheet built from scratch? CoPilot will have your back. Need a project plan created based on a range of meeting notes? No problem. CoPilot’s distinguishing feature is its ability to use soft, human-like intelligence to undertake a range of tasks for users in a fraction of the time it would take to complete them manually.  

We’re excited for CoPilot, and you should be too! In this blog, we’ll dive into its remarkable features, the cutting-edge technology that underpins it, and the range of deep benefits that it will provide to businesses once released.  


The Technology Behind CoPilot: Where AI Meets Human Ingenuity 

At the heart of Microsoft CoPilot is a symphony of cutting-edge technologies that fuel its intelligent capabilities. CoPilot combines large language models with big data and the suite of Microsoft 365 tools.  

Microsoft CoPilot is a convergence of three overarching technologies:  

Machine learning: enables CoPilot to analyse patterns, make predictions, and continuously improve its recommendations. 

Natural Language Processing: NLP allows CoPilot to comprehend and respond to human language, making interactions feel natural and intuitive.  

Advanced analytics: Out of the fusion of these two technologies that learn from large data sets and interactions across Microsoft 365’s tools, CoPilot is able to offer a highly personalised experience to each user, while drawing upon organisation-wide materials and insights to help them to do their best work.  


The Power of CoPilot’s Features 

With a basic overview of the key technologies involved, let’s now explore some compelling use cases that demonstrate the powerful capabilities CoPilot will bring to users around the world. 


Personalised Recommendations and Insights in Excel 

Picture this: You’re knee-deep in a complex Excel spreadsheet, desperately trying to unearth trends from a sea of data points, with a deadline looming. Like a superhero, CoPilot will be able to be called upon to save the day! With a simple command, CoPilot will be able to generate and apply bespoke recommendations for chart types and data analysis methods based on your existing data. Its awareness is also at play behind the scenes, offering suggestions for pivot table configurations to unveil hidden yet invaluable insights. 


Dynamic Slide Design in PowerPoint 

Crafting a presentation that captivates your audience requires more than just words – it also means fielding appealing visuals and assembling them into an attractive, cohesive design.  

Going far beyond the current basic design suggestion features of PowerPoint in Microsoft 365, CoPilot will work with you as a creative partner. Using your prompts and content from Word documents, it will be able to seamlessly create a presentation on your behalf. It can also offer suggestions to optimise the design, such as compatible colour schemes, font choices, and appealing layout arrangements. Another powerful feature is that it will be able to generate bespoke images for your presentations, based on a written prompt, making for precise and appealing visuals. 


Productive Meeting Intelligence in Teams 

CoPilot will be a meeting intelligence Virtuoso. In businesses that organise meetings that involve important but unavailable stakeholders, Teams will offer insightful value even if they cannot attend. CoPilot will be able to enhance the effectiveness of meetings by generating topic suggestions, structure meetings according to chat messages, and create meeting summaries for those that could not attend. With its ability to intelligently generate and collate information, effective collaboration can be empowered on the go! 


Document Creation and Design in Word 

Have you heard? CoPilot can create compelling content in Word! Aside from being able to write documents based on your own prompts, CoPilot will be able to use your wider Microsoft 365 ecosystem to offer serious value. For example, you’re drafting a proposal and you’re low on time; using a written prompt and by referencing other documents (such as meeting notes), CoPilot will be able to design and format a proposal document for you effortlessly, making document work easier than ever before. 


Creating Smart Emails and Inboxes in Outlook 

Managing and sifting through emails can feel like an uphill battle, but CoPilot is set to make that incline a lot less steep. In Outlook we see the flexible intelligence that it has to offer; for example, when you’re discussing a project with a colleague, CoPilot will be able to surface information and insights from previous emails as well as shared documents and discussions elsewhere, such as SharePoint and Teams. Not only this, but it will also be able to summarise emails for you, enabling you to separate the signal from the background noise, and get more done, more quickly! 


Automated Workflow Creation in Power Automate 

The value that CoPilot can offer is not just mechanistic, it can be systematic! Process mapping can be a time-consuming task that takes much focus and attention to detail, but with CoPilot as an assistant, you’ll be in good company. For example, if you’re intending to create a new and more streamlined employee onboarding process, using the Power Automate app, you can strike a conversation with CoPilot, which will be able to generate workflows and maps for you based on written prompts. It will also do this by referencing wider organisational data.  


The Anticipated Release Date: ‘Soon’! 

Microsoft CoPilot is poised to revolutionise the way we work and there is a lot of speculation and buzz about just when it may be released. We do know from an official Microsoft update in March this year, that there is some limited commercial testing underway. Aside from this, there is not a set release date just yet. However, given the competitive drive to deploy advanced AI across the world, we anticipate its release sooner rather than later. So stay tuned! 


Overall CoPilot Benefits for Businesses 

Deeply enhanced productivity is set to become a daily outcome for businesses that utilise CoPilot’s features across their workflows. Its flexible and advanced intelligence will be useful for completing a range of tasks more quickly, while also offering some scope for enhanced quality and reduced errors, especially as technologies such as CoPilot are increasingly refined.  

A useful concept for AI here, is the ‘skills floor’, which describes the level of ability needed to complete certain tasks, as some are more complex than others. As CoPilot heightens AI’s skills floor in Microsoft 365, it will essentially be able to free people up to complete more creative, strategic and complex tasks. For businesses that use CoPilot, they will have more speed and agility, as well as an ability to deliver value at scale. CoPilot will thus be a game-changer for sharpening businesses’ competitive edge, which is why it is such a significant development in the workplace tech space. 

As many eagerly anticipate its release, businesses and professionals alike can look forward to a future where CoPilot guides us to unprecedented levels of efficiency, collaboration, and success in an exciting digital age that will offer more change to come. For users too, it is hoped they will increasingly be able to harness complexity and transform it into productive simplicity in our rapidly changing world. The next step with CoPilot awaits, with many businesses bracing themselves for a new era of productivity and innovation!  


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